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Heavy Duty Metal Sawhorses

Well this is a little adventure away from the usual huh? Heavy duty metal sawhorses! I know, I’ve already heard it but if you make a living and it requires a saw horse think about it. Light aluminum construction, they’ll fit behind your pick up seat and as far as strength is concerned… there is no stronger. Probably the last metal sawhorses you’ll ever buy unless you want a second pair.
Guaranteed not to rust and even has an easily replaceable top 2 x 2 in case you get a little off with the saw. Free shipping also to the lower 48 States.

heavy duty metal saw horses

collapsible metal sawhorses

XL Sporty

Sure have been missing this gal. She didn’t do anything remarkable but it sure was fun doing it. Maybe it’s time to start looking for another.


Polaris Ranger XP900 Roof

This XP900 Polaris Ranger roof is probably one of the most well designed roofs on the market today. It’s made from 1/8 inch powdercoated aluminum so it’s light, strong and very durable. It doesn’t go beyond the roll cage so extra width isn’t an issue.

Polaris Ranger XP900 roof
Best of all it has been designed to clear every other accessory that we know of. Windows, doors, scabbards? Yes, it clears them also.
Once installed this roof will not squeak, rattle, buzz etc. None of that annoying stuff and best of all it’s fully trailerable to any sane speed without the worry of it blowing off or needing to tie it down.
There’s another version of this Crew Cab XP900 Roof. Same features and function, just a little longer.

XP900 Rock Sliders now has Polaris Ranger XP900 rock sliders. These not only protect your tank and wire bundles but they also stop your lower side panels from getting mangled.
XP900 Rock Sliders

They are made from 3/16 inch, 5052 aluminum, they don’t reduce your clearance like nerf bars do and they can be ordered in several different colors.
Great looking and extremely functional. Pick up a pair and save you and your Ranger from future headaches… and body aches!

There is a new motorcycle and UTV parts and accessories company in town and on the net. It’s called Once the product is loaded it will have some very unique products as well as some common ones. The big difference is, and always will be customer service. It will be the best in the business as they’ve been doing it already for quite some time.
So check them out when you get a chance. I think you’ll like it and I know they’ll appreciate it.


Only in solitude do we find ourselves; and in finding ourselves, we find in ourselves all our brothers in solitude.
Miguel de Unamuno


I watched this again for probably the first time in over a decade… it scared the living crap out of me.

It hit too close to home for my comfort.

If you aren’t familiar with the show I’m talking about watch it. It’s an old Twilight Zone episode about a recurring train ride a man takes. Willoughby!

The Seeley Norton

Just like a fine lady or Bourbon. Some things just get better with age.


SR500 Oil Change

AHA. Finally, after 4 SR’s and probably 8 years worth of oil changes, I finally figured out a way to bleed the oil filter housing of air without making a bloody mess of things.
The SR’s only real downfall is its oil change issues. Do it right and it’s going to take every bit of an hour. 2 screens to clean, 2 covers to R and R and an oil filter.
I’ll not go in to the details, but if you’ve done one you’ll see how handy and sanitary this really is. Saved a ton of clean up.


The Falcon Kestrel

M Y 2010. Attention to detail? You bet. I had the chance to see this bike a few months back and it was gorgeous. Everything on it was just perfect.


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