In 1977 I was stationed at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. It was my first base, well, it was my only base but never mind about all that. Like any kid I had always wanted a motorcycle and now that I was out of the house, I was buying one. With no more experience than a few hours on a Honda Z-50 5 years earlier, I went out and bought a 1977 Kawasaki 750 twin. (not the triple. Hey, I was new to bikes but not a squid… haha)
I rode everywhere almost always solo, teaching myself the in’s and out’s of how to have fun and stay alive on two wheels.
I don’t remember where I met the gentleman and I’m ashamed to say that I don’t even remember his name but this “Old” and very wise rider took me under his wing and did what he could teaching me how to ride.
He was easily 40 years older, rode with a lite colored open face and had a silver beard. He was an American but had spent much of his life in Europe doing something that I can’t remember, and riding the great roads that they have Overseas.
That man taught me so much. And for what reason I still have no idea. Two things that I always teach people when they’re first riding are some of the first things he taught me.
1. Counter-steering.
2. Never ride a bike that should it fall, you can’t pick back up by yourself.

So to you Sir, I still think about you often. Many times when I’m riding down the road. Many times late at night writing on the laptop. I’m still here, still riding and teaching when I can just like you did. I’m now the “Old” rider, minus the silver beard, with a full face.
I remember your Guzzi like it was yesterday. It was quite a bike to chase yet never catch. You rode like the wind.