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GoPro and Wind Noise Reduction

This video was taken using the GoPro Hero camera. Video I’m more than satisfied with but the wind noise above walking speed is horrible. It really makes the damn thing useless as hearing the engine is the best part of it all.
I’ll post different ideas for reducing the problem with sample videos to give you an idea of the results.
1. Waterproof case with full back plate. Straight out of the box.

2.¬†Waterproof case with full back plate. Used 2 small rectangles of self adhesive Velcro (female side) and covered both mics. Requires much more volume on playback but at least you don’t get noise. I think the backing is just too thick. I’ve got some other ideas that I think may work well.

3. Waterproof case with full back plate. Used 2 small rectangles of Velcro (female side) and covered both mics slipping it in between the camera and the housing. Used three 3/8 vacuum plugs to cover the switch buttons. Results? You decide but I’m not happy yet.

You meet the nicest people on a bike.

I don’t know why but for some reason pretty women and all other things cool have always gone together. This painting proves it.


P-40 Warhawk Engines

These aren’t just any engines. These are all engines that we’re built by Allison in the early 40’s, test run, crated onto what you see and then stored. Those are all pristine, never used Warhawk engines. Price?? Well you probably can’t afford them if he would sell one.

allison engines p-40 warhawk

Honda CB900F

I had one of these in street trim and it was a fantastic bike. I took a cross Country on it back in the early Eighties.
This is a great job. Old school beauty with a modern engineering twist.

Honda CB900f in race trim

Pops Yoshimura and Team Suzuki

It’s hard to imagine a guy that had a larger influence in modern motorcycle racing. From an acft. mechanic in WWII to building the fastest most reliable bikes on the tracks. Pops was a talented man.


Let’s see how Videos Upload

Made a few years before I met you in person. But who’s panties were they No_Rice?

Hesketh V1000

Who out there remembers these. Possibly a little ahead of their time.
Hesketh V1000

My word that’s pretty.


I’m off to get cleaned up followed by a nice long ride on the Ulysses.

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