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By far one of the most beautiful bikes ever created.


Interesting Pit Crew

Makes you want to hit the track doesn’t it!


Wheelie Wednesday

If I have to tell you who this is you just don’t get it. =)


Turbine Powrered Howmet TX

What a tremendous little beast.

Isle Of Mann and a Britten. This is a great video.

Next to endurance racing, this is my favorite.

Honda CB900F

I had one of these in street trim and it was a fantastic bike. I took a cross Country on it back in the early Eighties.
This is a great job. Old school beauty with a modern engineering twist.

Honda CB900f in race trim

Pops Yoshimura and Team Suzuki

It’s hard to imagine a guy that had a larger influence in modern motorcycle racing. From an acft. mechanic in WWII to building the fastest most reliable bikes on the tracks. Pops was a talented man.


King Kenny at Daytona

Notice the front suspension fully compressed.

kenny roberts

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